Cannes Classical Award-winners – from Pérotin, Pärt (No.1 album Passio), Pitts (The Naxos Book of Carols & Gramophone Editor’s Choice on Hyperion) to Mad World and more...

“A composer on a spiritual quest who’s found the near-perfect singers for it...” Gramophone

“TONUS PEREGRINUS, a vocal ensemble made up of first-rank singers led by Pitts...” All Music Guide

“...combined talent for divinely pure sound...” Choir & Organ

“...My first impulse on hearing this disc was to commend it unreservedly to each and every man, woman, and child on the planet...” Fanfare

“....Daunted by contemporary music? Look no further.” Gramophone Top 10 Modern Classics

“In terms of sheer beauty of performance and recording, this disc takes some beating...” Fanfare

“ of the most rewarding I’ve heard for years...” On an Overgrown Path

“’s pretty much impossible not to reach a state of bliss after listening to a new album featuring seven pieces chosen by English a capella choir TONUS PEREGRINUS…” Musical Toronto

“ turned out it was by Antony Pitts of TONUS PEREGRINUS, who has remarkable ways with music...” The Independent on Sunday
Jerusalem-Yerushalayim (1EMJOY)


new double album

An oratorio for our times by Antony Pitts remixed with Biblical narration by David Suchet, Jerusalem-Yerushalayim is an extraordinary musical cross between Handel’s Messiah, Bernstein’s Chichester Psalms, and classic rock anthems, and tells simply but powerfully the Old Testament story of Jerusalem – in modern English but with ancient Hebrew names for familiar Biblical characters and places. Performed by TONUS PEREGRINUS and friends with a cast of outstanding singers and players.

The Naxos Book of Carols


carolbook & CD
0571523250 / 8.557330

The Naxos Book of Carols is both very old and very new: a collection of carols drawing on centuries of tradition, but in new arrangements specially commissioned by the record label Naxos. Every generation musicians have added something of their own to the yearly festivities of Christmas, and even those age-old tunes and words which have stood the test of time have also been weathered by it: carols are part of a living ritual that is not concerned so much with authenticity as with sincerity.